San Diego Tax Consultancy Pars Financial Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Have To Say about The Best Tax Consultancy Pars Financial…

Dr. Ramin Ghassemi

Both my wife and I are doctors and have worked with PARS Financial for the past twenty years. They care for our finances in a very professional manner and are very well informed about the latest tax laws. They take great pride in the personal service offered to their clients. We would highly recommend PARS Financial.Surely,They are the Best Tax Consultancy in San Diego,California.

Matthew Scott, FEED The Agency

As a small business owner, I need a tax specialist that understands and can grow with my business. PARS Financial has guided my business and personal tax planning for more than 10 years. If you’re a small business owner and you need tax help, I highly recommend PARS Financial.

Saied Shahri

Almost twenty years ago and early in my start as a small business owner I received an IRS audit – I needed professional expertise and I was referred to PARS Financial. Not only did they relieve my tax problem, but they continue to be my choice for personal and professional tax planning.

Shawn Sagart

PARS Financial helps me run my business. PARS Financial reviewed the work of my CPA at the time over a three year period – they were able to reduce my penalty of more than $2 million dollars to less than $58,000 dollars.

Mo Shahbani

When I opened my restaurant I was “green” to tax planning and PARS Financial opened my eyes to running a business. Anyone who is a small business owner and uses PARS Financial is luck to have them as a partner. I’m forever appreciative to the time and expertise that Mr. Afshar and PARS Financial showed me.

Michael L.

I have been doing business with Mr. Afshar since 2007 and he and his team have been an amazing resource for us. From tax to business strategies, the team at Pars Financial has provided us with valuable insight on how we can save money and protect ourselves from liabilities. After all these years, I consider Mr. Afshar like family, and he’s the wise uncle I rely on for sound business advice.

You won’t be disappointed!

Adi Pourfard

More than twenty years ago, I became a client of PARS Financial. Not only do I recommend them, but I’m convinced they care more about my work than I do!

Charles B.

I have used this business for over seven years and it’s as good as it gets when it comes to service. Mr. Afshar is an enrolled agent of the IRS and the connections and insider knowledge he brings to the table are astounding. I am the owner of a [subchapter] S corporation. He has saved me bundles of money by suggesting changes in my organization and in tax strategies. I highly recommend him to both new businesses and existing businesses looking to have a genuine tax professional at their back. The staff there is knowledgeable and efficient and the overall experience is very satisfying.

Ali Falahi

As a small business owner, I’ve been with PARS Financial since 1986 – and since that time they have saved me thousands of dollars and I’ve never had an IRS problem.

Anna Carillo

I have been using Pars Financial for over ten years and would highly recommend without hesitation! Wonderful service…professional and savvy!

Masoud Shahri

I’ve been with PARS Financial since 1995 and during that time I’ve confidently referred more than sixteen of my friends to assist with their personal and professional taxes.

Saied Agahi

I’m an entrepreneur with office locations around the world so I need a financial service that understands the complexity of my international business. PARS Financial has provided me with an unmatched personal attention to detail and has prevented any red flags to appear on my taxes.

Hamid Sadeghi

I’m so happy a friend that owns a small business like me referred me to PARS Financial. Since 1990, they have been my dedicated bookkeeping service that has grown with me as I’ve grown my company.